We are truly honored to be selected AZTV’s “Hustler of the Week”.

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Pam Coleman is serving up some of the best Southern food you'll find in all of Arizona and beyond. Her business, Ms. C's Southern Cooking, is heating up the restaurant industry, and that's why she's our Hustler of The Week. Does she have what it takes to be our Featured Hustler? Get ready to cast your vote starting October, 10, 2018! More About Ms. C's Homestyle Southern Cooking

Pam wanted to change the course her family's history and uses them as her motivation to succeed as Ms. C's!  There is freedom in business ownership and the seeds have been planted. Ms. C's started with sheer determination, very limited resources, and a craving for a real fish sandwich! At Ms. C's, they're cooking real food for real people, bringing together "Farm to Table" menu items and healthy versions of Southern favorites.  Ms. C's is an alternative to fast and processed foods. Why? Because they care. Their services include catering, corporate lunches, personal chef services, and delivery.  No time to cook? Ms. C's is the solution!

" Cooking real food for real people"

People want real food, the tastes they grew up on, the foods that make them remember good times. The memories of the Mom's, the Grandma's Auntie's, Sister's and Cousin's who prepared the meals with love. That's exactly who Ms. C's represents!!