"Cooking real food for real people"

  Has been our tag line for many years. People want real food, the tastes they grew up on,  the foods that make them remember good times. The memories of the Mom's, the Grandma's Auntie's, Sister's and Cousin's who prepared the meals with love. That's exactly who Ms. C's represents!!

The edge we  have over others, is that I genuinely care about the health of people. I know the effects of eating processed and fast foods, unhealthy food choices follow, then followed by a unhealthy body. I know we can offer good food that tastes good.  I feel I can best present this. I study foods and spices  and understand the power of food. Food heal as well as taste good.

The problem solved is feeding your family with the some level of love and attention.  You can order from Ms. C's knowing that our food is prepared like you would cook. Knowing that food prepared by our company will give you that peace of mind, no added preservatives, food grown locally, special attention given to the cooking process and a sincere passion for delivering our best, with love.